Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Info On Roosevelt Island Garden Club, Our Tiny Version Of Central Park's Conservatory Garden

I have never walked through the Roosevelt Island Garden Club area but did so earlier this week. It is really quite lovely, situated between Manhattan Park and the Octagon, Roosevelt Island's tiny version of Conservatory Garden in Central Park. Following up on earlier post, a member of the Roosevelt Island Garden Club sends in some additional information on how to participate and join the club.

The R. I. Garden Club welcomes everybody, even gardeners with limited experience.
Any person interested to become a garden member must send a letter to the:
Roosevelt Island Garden Club Ltd.
P O Box 127
New York - NY 10044
providing, of course, full name/address/home tel/ cell phone/e-mail etc. and requesting to be placed on the Club waiting list for a garden lot.

The Club will contact the applicant(s) only at the time a garden lot will become available.
The applicant may also indicate his/her desire to become an Associate Gardener while waiting. An Associate Gardener helps a full member when needed.
For the current 2009 Season the annual membership dues are:
- $ 45.= for Membership
- $ 25.= to become an Associate Gardener.
(Naturally no fees are due until a garden is assigned to an applicant)

The Club requests any Member to respect its "Rules and Regulations" (simple, common sense rules which I may foward to you if you provide me with a fax number), to have a true passion for gardening, to devote a little time to keep the common parts neat and tidy and to mantain the garden lot assigned - all year long - neat and without weeds.