Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unusual Roosevelt Island On Film Tonight 6:30 PM - Public Health Legacy At Goldwater Hospital

Image of Coler Goldwater Hospital

The Roosevelt Island Public Library is hosting:
A series of presentations by Judith Berdy of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, featuring our unusual Island on film!
Tonight at 6:30 PM the film shown will explore Roosevelt Island's Public Health Legacy. According to the Roosevelt Island Historical Society, tonight's film will be:
Hospitals, Nurses and Patients

A Century of Caring © 2006 Metropolitan Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association

Take a trip to the 1950’s showing the Island and the Nursing Students in this classic video with great insights into the pre-Roosevelt Island days.

Angela’s Island © The true story of a Goldwater Hospital resident who struggled to become independent and live on her own. The poignant tale of eleven-year-old Angela, who amazingly overcomes the problems of a paraplegic. Her rehabilitation counselor, herself handicapped by polio, works with Angela to help her learn to cope and function in society. Angela’s mother recalls the tragedy of Angela’s birth and its devastating impact on the family, when her father deserted them.

Did you know that during World War 2:
... in the basement of Goldwater's Building D, were assembled what has been called "the workings of elite science"-the scientists who would go on to develop many of the great biomedical research advances in the postwar era.

Goldwater Memorial Hospital in New York was the focus of antimalarial drug research during World War II. Dr. James A. Shannon led the group, which included Drs. Bernard Brodie, Sidney Udenfriend, and Robert Berliner, and future Nobel Prize winner Julius Axelrod. Dr. Robert Bowman came to Goldwater after the war....