Monday, July 18, 2011

New York City To Release Blueprint and Request For Proposals On State Of The Art Applied Sciences and Engineering School This Week - Is Roosevelt Island One Step Closer To Becoming Sillicon Island?

Image of Stanford's Proposed Roosevelt Island Site Plan From Stanford's You Tube Presentation

A post from last February asked in shocked amazement at this possibility:
Will Roosevelt Island follow in the footsteps of San Francisco's Bay area Silicon Valley to become New York City's Silicon Island? How about the next Sergey Brin and Larry Page starting the new Google from right here on Roosevelt Island? Is that possible? Well, hold on to your hats because it may very well happen sometime in the not too distant future.

As reported in earlier post, the Roosevelt Island Coler Goldwater Hospital site is being considered as one of the 4 possible sites for a world class applied sciences academic research facility to be located in New York City according to a plan put forth by Mayor Bloomberg. ...
Here's a video of Stanford's Plan for Roosevelt Island Campus.

What's the latest news on proposed plan to construct a state-of-the-art Applied Sciences and Engineering School in New York City and perhaps build it on Roosevelt Island ?  We've been waiting for the issuance of the Request For Proposals by New York City which had originally been planned for June 2011 and it looks like that will happen this week.

City Hall News reports today:
Mayor Michael Bloomberg will convene a private breakfast meeting of business and civic leaders Tuesday at Google’s Manhattan headquarters to present the city’s blueprint for the future tech campus, first announced late last year.

Later that day, Bloomberg will deliver the keynote address at an event sponsored by Crain’s, arguing his plan is critical for New York’s future economic growth. And later this week the city will release its formal request for proposals for the school, which is sure to set off a flurry of activity from the dozen or more institutions that have expressed interest in spearheading the project...

... Bloomberg has said the winning applicant will be chosen by December, and that the city is prepared to offer four locations as possible sites: Farm Colony in Staten Island, Governors Island, Roosevelt Island and the Brooklyn Navy Yards. Applicants are welcome to propose privately owned sites as well....
Read the entire City Hall News article here.

More information on Roosevelt Island as the potential site for Stanford University or another first class Applied Sciences and Engineering school from previous posts.


Guest said...

So, when is the RIRA going to go on the barricade over this proposed campus?

SML said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Roosevelt Island to be selected.  

Good Kitty said...

Hahahahahahha... ROFL