Monday, July 18, 2011

Small Recreational Boat Has Engine Problem Yesterday On East River Next To Roosevelt Island - Boat Drifting Towards Rocks Until Rescued By NYPD

I received a report late yesterday afternoon of a person floating in the East River. While walking south just past the Queensboro Bridge to investigate, I saw FDNY and NYPD Harbor Patrol Boats arriving on the scene along with a hovering helicopter.

What happened? It turns out that this small boat experienced engine trouble and was drifting towards the rocks on the east side of Roosevelt Island.

 Boat Experiencing Engine Trouble at Roosevelt Island East Channel

Soon after the arrival of the rescue boats, the engine started, the boat went on it's way and all was well again.

Image of Rescued Boat Approaching Queensboro Bridge

Here's how the incident was reported by the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department.
Possible Floater/Drowning - FDNY and NYPD responded. Condition was unfounded.

Vessel In Distress - FDNY and NYPD responded. NYPD towed vessel.
A previous post from 2009 reported on the water rescue by Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department and NYPD Harbor Patrol of a man who jumped into the East River and got sucked underneath the Subway Pier.