Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Were Those Brightly Colored Spinning Lights By East River and Meditation Steps Last Night? Hooping Comes To Roosevelt Island

Image of Roosevelt Island Hooping At Meditation Steps

While walking past the Meditation Steps last night, I noticed what appeared to be brightly colored lights spinning in the air over the East River by Roosevelt Island's West Waterfront Promenade.

What could it be? Turns out it was a group of young people practicing Hooping. According to The Happy Hoop:
What is all this talk about hooping? Don’t you mean “hula hooping”? Well, technically, Wham-O owns the rights to those words, so today it’s just called “hooping”. And these aren’t your typical kid-sized hoops. They are custom made, adult-sized hoops that fly around your body with ease. Hooping is also referred to as “hoopdance”…as the goal is really to dance within your hoop and get your groove on!...
Here's an example of Roosevelt Island Hooping at the Meditation Steps from last night.

More on Hooping here and here.


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