Monday, January 14, 2013

Roosevelt Island Residents Upset Over Snail Pace And Conditions Of Gristedes Renovation - What About Hygenic Standards Asks A Shopper?

Inside Roosevelt Island Gristedes Undergoing Renovations

As previously reported, the long awaited Roosevelt Island Gristedes renovations began in mid November 2012. We're in the middle of January 2013 and renovations have still not been finished,

some shelves are empty, products are difficult to find, ceilings are exposed and the only Roosevelt Island supermarket is a mess.

A Roosevelt Island resident recently wrote in about the Gristedes renovation:
... Is it time for you to do a follow up post on the delays and deplorable conditions over there as the work continues at slower than a snails pace and shoppers are more inconvenienced and tortured than ever ?????

And the prices are higher than ever ?????...
Also, the Roosevelt Island Twitterverse expressed concern yesterday with Roosevelt Island Gristedes hygienic standards at the vegetable aisle
During the Gristedes March 12 Town Hall meeting, Gristedes owner John Catsimatidis promised the new renovated Roosevelt Island supermarket will be:
... Supplying Organic Foods To The Community At Supermarket Prices Not Whole Paycheck Prices...
Let's hope the renovations are finished soon and the wait is worth it.


Tom Patrick said...

Surely it would be different if they closed during all of this. But who on the Island would put up with that??
Having this take place while the store is still open is a big pain for Gristedes, I am sure. But they apparently want us to be able to get provisions, instead of forcing us elsewhere.
Can't people appreciate that?

YetAnotherRIer said...

Wow. First everybody complains how disgusting the place is. Eventually Gristedes listened and is actively implementing changes, one of them was even suggested by a resident. But since we all hate Gristedes we just have to find new things to complain about, right? Like: "why is this taking so long?"

Nick said...

I actually thought it was moving along fairly quickly...I mean, in Gristedes time.

CheshireKitty said...

Every time I walk in there I start coughing with all the dust. Forget about the particles/dust that must be deposited on the products/produce. The makeover is not being carried out properly - it can be done in such a way that the dust (possibly asbestos fibers - who knows?) is vacuumed away continuously within a plastic-covered work area. There should be no open work areas whatsoever in this store as long as the store is open for business. I call on Gristedes to either close the store temporarily while the work is going on, and in that case, to drastically speed up the pace of work, or, if the store is to remain open while the upgrade is being done, then the work areas must be enclosed in plastic sheeting. I also call on all RI residents to pick up the phone, call the EPA, call 311, call RIOC, call whoever you can think of to complain about the way Gristedes is doing this renovation. They have us as a "captive audience" and feel they can get away with putting a layer of possibly toxic dust all over everything we buy at their store, as well as making us breath in the dust. I also call on the RI Gristedes workers to complain to the union about how the makeover is being done. It is a shame that these employees have to breath in this dust all day and I wouldn't be surprised if it's exacerbating asthma or other pulmonary problems among them.

Westviewer said...

The expression is "snail's pace," not snail pace.