Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Visitor's Love Letter To Roosevelt Island, What A Gem She Says- Hopes To Become A New Resident This Summer

It's interesting to learn how those unfamiliar or new to Roosevelt Island perceive life on our little Island. Here's a message I received yesterday from Haley H:
Hello there!

I have to tell you that over the process of about a week I have become infatuated with Roosevelt Island! I am currently a graduate student living in the East Village of Manhattan, and though I love the city and don't want to leave, I also love being by the water and having space that feels a lot like a community and isn't constantly crowded. Since my lease is up this summer on my apartment I have been looking for a new place and I decided to look into what Roosevelt Island was like because I hadn't heard much about it. It started with an internet search, and then more internet research, and then yesterday after work I just had to take a look and see the island for myself. I traveled by F and I have to tell you as soon as I surfaced on the island I knew it was some place I want to spend my time! I felt like I had time warped into Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I spent the evening walking the perimeter of the island and walking through to check out what was available. As I read more of your blog over the past week I feel like there is a big community feel that goes along with the feeling of pure joy I felt as I stepped onto the island. I've seen so much about the history of the island and the misconceptions and judgments many still hold against it, but I have to say that I know I was only there for a few hours but I truly haven't felt that happy since my first day in Manhattan. Roosevelt Island is the best of both worlds!

Thank you for all the informative posts :)
Glad Haley has not had the Dark Water experience.

Hope to see you on Roosevelt Island this summer Haley!


Abeyant Flux said...

Best of luck finding affordable housing here Haley!

Westviewer said...

If it's the Mr. Rogers experience you want, this is the right place.

Stephen Melinger said...

I read your letter and found it very moving. The fact that it is an island but accessible to a major metropolis makes it unique as is Brooklyn and the Bronx (which of course is not an island) but no man is an island and once all the land was an island I think it was called Pangea If I'm wrong please correct me. Roosevelt Island does have a community feel to it with all its negatives and positives..