Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking For An Apartment On Roosevelt Island? Hope Your Experience Not A Dark Water One - Brutalist But In A Kind Of Utopia Way

Have you recently or are you currently looking for an apartment on Roosevelt Island? If so, hope your experience was/is not like that of the mom and daughter depicted in the Dark Water movie.

The Dark Water Roosevelt Island apartment search starts with a trip on the Roosevelt Island Tram. The mom tells her young daughter that Roosevelt Island is just another part of the city but the girl knows better telling her mom that it is not the city. Another Tram rider says forebodingly, the little girl is right - it's not the city.

Then comes a walk down the west promenade, past PS/IS 217 to Main Street where the mom and daughter meet the sleazy real estate agent who shows them an apartment in Eastwood, now known as Roosevelt Landings. It's in the Brutalist style but in a kind of Utopia way says the real estate agent.

Watch the video and be thankful this was not your experience - hopefully.

If you are considering moving to Roosevelt Island, here's another view.


Mark Lyon said...

Moved to Manhattan Park today.  My experience was far less creepy (though we did momentarily get stuck in an elevator at one point). After two other apartments fell through, managed to show up on the weekend, look at an apartment, and sign a lease on Monday.

As said...

I am still waiting to get my security deposit back so I am posting this anonymously, but be very diligent with Manhattan Park.  They do overcharge for electricity, do not perform timely service, and have management staff which are rude, unhelpful, unavailable, and obnoxious on par with you would generally find for Manhattan property management companies (this shouldn't excuse it though).  Even if you are average and average is terrible, then you are still terrible.  You can't beat the space and location for the money though.  Good luck, we still enjoyed our time there, we just forgot about all this other stuff.  

YetAnotherRIer said...

I've been living in Manhattan Park for a long time now and none of your complains ever happened to me. There has always been the rumor that MP is overcharging for electricity but nobody ever provided proof. Do you have such thing? Maintenance staff always comes within a day or two, even on weekends. I do agree with the rudeness of the office staff, though. They are a tough crowd and very hard to deal with. But how often do I have to do this? Once in a blue moon.

That said, I do enjoy the space, the rent, and the views. I don't care so much about the lack of politeness of the management crew. Just another opinion.