Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fire At Roosevelt Island Community Garden Friday Night - Shed Burns Down But No Injuries

 Area Of Roosevelt Island Garden Club Fire (Picture Taken On Saturday)

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) reported at about 11:30 Friday night:
Due to FDNY activity adjacent to the Garden Club, RIOC bus service is delayed.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Resident Mark Lyon saw the FDNY vehicles and tweeted:

I received this message from an Octagon resident yesterday:
There was a fire around 11pm last night at the roosevelt garden (11PMish) ; a pretty big fire actually. Eight fire trucks showed up and were able to extinguish the fire in under 10 minutes. I live in the Octagon and saw the entire incident from my bedroom window (I was too busy watching that I forgot to take pictures), I did go down and talk to a fire fighter and asked if they knew what caused it, they said they are still investigating. The area is currently taped off.
Another resident reports that the fire:
... burned one of the sheds to the ground, including many of the tools which have been donated to the garden by ... many ... long-term gardeners.
Nobody was reported injured.

UPDATE 3/25 - More turmoil at the Roosevelt Island Community Garden.

C. Grant shares these photos of the fire aftermath at the Community Garden.

UPDATE 3 PM - RIOC'S Press Spokesperson reports:
FDNY is handling the investigation. We are not aware of any injuries.


CheshireKitty said...

Wow, this is too bad! It was like a friendly casita. How could this have happened? FDNY should look into it since it's hard to imagine how it could have started itself.

PAUL said...

Rebuild a nice big one, not the Partridge-family treehouse. Tool area, repairs, childrens eco-experiments, etc..