Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amazing Spectacular New York City East River Sunset Seen From Roosevelt Island Tonight - WOW Is Right

Did you see the sunset from Roosevelt Island tonight? Kara DeYoe Curtis did and shares this beautiful picture of the NYC East River waterfront and sky as seen from Roosevelt Island

Image From Kara DeYoe Curtis

New York City Sunset...so beautiful! Was so in awe I snapped a pic!
Simonetta Buttazzi also saw tonight's sunset from Roosevelt Island sharing this equally beautiful picture

Image From Simonetta Buttazzi
and reports:
Another breathtaking sunset. Wow!!
Wow is right. Thank you ladies for sharing what you saw tonight.


Nicolas said...

It was incredible: everybody stopped along the river to snap pictures.
The best part is that it's actually not that rare! We are very lucky to enjoy these views all year long...