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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Roosevelt Island Broken Subway Entrance Doors Finally Fixed After 3 Years Of Complaints - Its About Time

A familiar sight to Roosevelt Island residents these past several years has been the broken entrance/exit door to the F train subway station. Way back in April 2010, I asked:

What will it take for the MTA to fix the street level entrance/exit door of the Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Station? I don't recall how long the door has been broken but it has been at least a month if not longer....

Last Sunday, Trevre Andrews reported:
... looks like the f train subway doors have finally been replaced after nearly 3 years of complaining. They are much better.
Image of New Roosevelt Island Subway Entrance/Exit Doors

Another Roosevelt Island resident noted:
I did see today the new exit / entry doors at our subway station.

And I think I saw the new "automatic" door for wheelchair users, and other folks with disabilities and other challenges.

I think I saw the Push button inside the station near the new door.

I am certain I did not see a Push button outside the station near the door.
Image of New Roosevelt Island Subway Entrance/Exit Doors

Hopefully, the new doors will work for a while longer.


Isaac said...

It appears the button on the outside is on the right hand rail