Thursday, March 6, 2014

Roosevelt Island Job Available With Bike New York, Maintain Bicycle Fleet At Sportspark And Operate Summer Pop Up Bike Shop - Volunteers Also Needed

Bike New York's Roosevelt Island Community Outreach Manager Caitlin Goodspeed reports:

We have a new position opening up for a Roosevelt Island bike mechanic. This person would maintain the bike fleet at Sportspark and operate the pop-up bike shop that we plan to have on the island every weekend this summer. We want to hire someone from Roosevelt Island.

We are also looking for RI-based volunteers and instructors.
Here's the Bike New York Roosevelt Island job announcement:
Bike New York seeks a qualified mechanic to help maintain our fleet of bicycles and assist in the upkeep of our Roosevelt Island Community Education Center for the purpose of on-bicycle education and programming. We are looking for someone who is a Roosevelt Island resident. This position is part-time, with up to 16 hours available per week. Please email Caitlin Goodspeed, Community Outreach Manager, at for more information about the position.

As reported last January 9:
Bike New York President Ken Prodziba and Roosevelt Island Community Outreach Manager Caitlin Goodspeed spoke during last night's Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Session.. They described Bike New York's ideas to help make Roosevelt Island a more bike friendly community and are looking for input on what residents would like to happen with bicycles. According to Mr. Prodziba, Bike New York wants:
.... to do everything we can to make Roosevelt Island a more bike friendly place. What you want we will do what you don't want we won't do

We learned that there is not a bike shop on Roosevelt Island so we want to create our own pop up bike shop. Everything we do is free so the bike shop will be free, free maintenance, free repairs, all of our classes our free, our camp program is free, our after school program. We're here to serve Roosevelt Island....
Here's full remarks by Mr. Prodziba and Ms. Goodspeed.

Visit Bike New York for more info on the organization and here are some of their tips on buying a bicycle.


Bill Blass said...

I feel the hipsters on the island should volunteer as they should be giving back to the island.

CheshireKitty said...

People whose kids have grown up and no longer attend public school still pay school tax, genius. Why should having kids in school be the prerequisite for complaining about educational policy, including the cost of education?

If it's a charter it's run by a private charter corporation, not a the union, . That's what charters are.

Will you please stop referring to me as Helen? I've explained that I'm not Helen whoever that may be. Also, resorting to name-calling doesn't help your arguments. Is that too difficult for you to understand? Or maybe you went to a charter - which would explain your lack of intellectual development.

I can take a position that is pro or against unions. Why is that a problem? Why do citizens have to mirror your namby-pamby world where only the corporations are correct? I wish there were a time machine that you could be stuffed into and shot back to the 16th Century - to the age of serfdom, or feudalism, before the rise of unions or the industrial age. Being a powerless peasant should teach you a valuable lesson. The advent of unions is closely interconnected with the attainment of civil and human rights, and in each sphere of liberation, those that believed in the possibility that man could be something more than a quaking, powerless, illiterate peasant, very often paid the supreme price in their struggle to gain some rights and power for the common man.

But you don't see things that way. If it were up to you, the charters would reign supreme, the public school system would be subsumed under the charter system, and the UFT - well, the UFT would no longer be needed, right?

This is you ultimate dream Rossie - admit it. You want the profession of teaching de-unionized, and ultimately, every area of work de-unionized. You want people to return to the 16th Century, to have no unions, and for businesses to take the role of the nobility under feudalism - being completely free to do as they wish to the "quaking peasants."

Most people don't go for what you espouse. That's why de Blasio won. Just accept and get used to your Loser status, Rossie. Backwards folks like you are isolated politically in NYC - accept it and get with the program of today.

OldRossie said...

The word Charter refers to the performance contract (or, "Charter") they have with the state, dopey. Are you redefining words now?
You HAVE kids!?! God help them.

Westviewer said...

He only wants people to volunteer to pay his rent.

YetAnotherRIer said...

No worries. I already expressed interest in volunteering.

CheshireKitty said...

Not just kids - but 5 grandkids! And they are all successful - with multiple academic degrees and so forth. None ever went to a charter school. -+

Bill Blass said...

I was watching the Jerry Springer show and its always the same old story.the white woman fighting over a black guy.from down south.what the hell goes On down there

Bill Blass said...

I hope bike lanes are not coming to main street..this business of catering to the new hipster population on the island must stop.