Sunday, March 2, 2014

Come Hear An Update On Roosevelt Island Q102 Bus Service At Community Board 8 Roosevelt Island And Transportation Committees Public Meeting Monday March 3

According to Community Board 8 (CB8) Roosevelt Island Committee:
Roosevelt Island Committee
Monday March 3, 2014


546 Main Street 
12th Floor

Roosevelt Island, NY

Update by MTA on Q 102 bus. Joint issue with Transportation Committee.

The presentation by Cornell previously scheduled for this meeting has been postponed.
 Image of Q102 Bus From Wikipedia

Here is a discussion of Roosevelt Island Q 102 Bus service during November 14, 2013 NYC Planning Department Western Queens/Roosevelt Island Transportation Study presentation to the CB8 Roosevelt Island committee

and full video of presentation here.


Cailyn Smith said...

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CheshireKitty said...

And you expect me to believe an Economist account is going to be be unbiased? Why not try to break out of your neo liberal shell for once and find a pro worker description of what charter schools represents?

We know the capitalists want to break municipal unions - the charters seem a dandy way to do so. Why are you so opposed to organized labor?

The only advancements labor ever achieved, including but not limited to the 8-hour day, the abolition of child labor, the paid sick days, the NLRB, OSHA, and the array of laws in place to protect workers' rights, only came about through the efforts and many times the lives of labor organizers. Even ML King, the beacon of the civil rights movement, died while trying to help a sanitation workers' job action/strike in the South. Workers' rights, collective bargaining, and the many protections afforded by unions, were achieved by our forefathers, who often were shot for their efforts, sometimes by US military or militarized police, acting at the behest of the greedy capitalists. I'm not saying anything that is particularly startling or new. If it weren't for the efforts of labor organizers, we would still be living in the dark ages that spawned workplace horrors such as the Triangle Shirt Waist Fire, right here in the Village. And similar sweatshop conditions abound in Asia, as we hear of the horrors of garment factory poor working conditions and fires in Bangla Desh and so forth. The tendency of capital is to exploit labor to the extent it is able; and the best response to capital's cruelty and greed is organized labor, or labor organizing. The law has guaranteed the right of employees to start unions at their workplaces without fear of job loss or retaliation. You are barking up the wrong tree if you think that teachers nationwide, who are in fact education, and oftentimes highly educated, would ever be tricked into giving an inch in their struggle for decent wages, decent working conditions, fairly organized schools, and so forth. Teachers are the most knowledgeable about what preceded our present era of municipal unions, why would they ever want to go back to the Dark Ages of the 19th C - the horrors of exploitation, workers weakened since they did not belong to bargaining units, and so forth. There is no way teachers should accept charter schools, or any not-so-subtle inroad of privatization into public education. As I've said before, if parents want to send their kids to parochial school, they are free to do so. The choice factor everyone is so concerned about exists - as it has always existed. There are a wide array of choices available - private secular schools, religious schools, schools that teach a certain cultural outlook, home schooling. Yet, all of us, whether we directly benefit from the public school system or not, just as all of us pay tax to keep roads in order whether we drive or not, must keep the public school system going. It's one of the most foundations of our system of democracy - I'm sure there are many quotes by the Founding Fathers extolling the virtues of public education insofar as the population is thence transformed into an informed electorate, for one thing.

Privatization of education would only lead to the dreadful system that was in place prior to the establishment by the US of our free public school system. If there were no free public education system, then the tendency would be for social layers to be even more pronounced, with poor parents unable to send their kids to school. Today, with free public education, every kid has a chance to learn and advance. We must never let the system of free public education be snatched away from us, especially by trickery such as "right to work" laws, by the hand of the capitalists, who would be only too happy to see the masses in the US sink back into ignorance and slavery, if the capitalists had their way.

KTG said...

Your are extrapolating a little bit, in terms of scope of the conversation, again charters are not union busting. Its a forum to address attempts at new approaches which UFT saw it as a challenge to rank and file.

But effectively you are saying that protecting the union is worth the sacrifice to student performance. Again you have to acknowledge that UFT has fought reforms that would hold members more accountable for achievement and tried to constrain reform in many cases.

Can you explain why if almost everyone agrees that inefficiencies in Board of Ed. and lack of quality teachers are two challenges to academic success. And then combine that with the fact the city has been unable to keep up with demand for growing student population especially in focusing on students whose parent push for more focused academic programs. Tell me how does dismantling charters help the city address these problems?
Remember once charters are close those private funds are not available & 500k+ tax is already spent for pre-school?

My analysis is that rather than addressing students needs it seems more like a payback to campaign donation?

What is your recent experience in going through the school selection process? Did you deal with complication of school selection for G&T student, because trust me I found more choice is the answer.

OldRossie said...

KTG, I'm not sure what your situation is (and I wouldn't suggest you tell anyone here), but it's clear that Helen is just a grumpy old woman with no invested interest at any level - rich, poor or otherwise. These schools benefit the poor more than anyone. The system would (or potentially WILL) be worse off without them. de blasio has already done more harm than good leaving his motives are questionable. I go back and forth with Helen partially because it's amusing, and partially because her thick-headed-ignorance is so frustrating I can't not say something. She will never concede a point because if she does the debate might be over and (I suspect) she'll have no one to talk to. That said, I think you're absolutely right and hopefully the debate will get anyone with the patience to read to start thinking critically about this mayor. Just wanted to give you my feedback.