Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Awesome View Of Roosevelt Island New York City From International Space Station

According to NASA's Earth Observatory:

The narrow island of Manhattan, located between the Hudson River and the East River, is a familiar feature to crews on the International Space Station. The ragged line of shadow cast by the Palisades cliff (in New Jersey) crosses the bottom of the image. Wharves jut into the rivers; bridges are visible thanks to the shadows they cast; and the grid pattern of major streets stands out. On Manhattan itself, the main visual features are Central Park (with playing fields appearing as white dots) and two darker zones where the tallest buildings of Midtown and the Financial District cast long shadows even in this early afternoon view....

The picture was taken on May 5 2014 from the International Space Station.

Here's an up close view of Roosevelt Island from the International Space Station.

Click here for more information from NASA's Earth Observatory and larger sized picture.