Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Roosevelt Island Tip Of The Hat In Respect To The Great Derek Jeter

Roosevelt Island makes an appearance at the end of the Derek Jeter Tip Of The Hat Respect 

 Image of Roosevelt Island At Bottom Left Of Jeter Re2pect Commercial


Of course, in tonight's All Star Game, Jeter makes a great diving catch of a sharply hit grounder to his left, thought the runner was safe at first, then doubled and scored in his first at bat.

I was lucky to see in person at Yankee Stadium 2 great Derek Jeter games - the extra inning diving into the stands to catch a foul ball against the Red Sox

and 5 for 5 three thousandth hit game with a home run as hit number 3000.

What a great baseball player. He will be missed.


APS said...

It's very sad but businesses need to pay their rent. That's the reality.

df540 said...

Too much rent and not enough business. They were here before we got here 20 years ago. It is a sad day when Manhattan type rents are charged for Little town businesses. Money isn't everything and RIOC didn't need to raise the rent to force then out. This Island is changing into a cash cow for RIOC and these other builders. There will be no affordable housing here soon. The diversity that was Roosevelt Island will be no more. This will be anothee DUMBO ,an enclave for the privileged with no working class welcome.

sonali joshi said...


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Raul Roldan said...

Listen the Vision For the Island Going Forward is Money It no longer caters to Middle Income and Lower Income. If seems to adhere to the Negative aspects of Manhattan Overcrowding, No Parking and Very Pricey. I've moved to Yonkers but My Kids Still Live there and they plan on leaving as Well.The welcome mat was pulled from the residents years ago.

CheshireKitty said...

Well, one thing is certain: There is no place to cut a key on RI as of today. The powers-that-be didn't take that into account when they let the only store that can cut keys close. Also, basic hardware store type merch - albeit shabbily displayed - is no longer available. RIP RI General Store: You put up a good fight but I have to agree with APS: Non-payment of rent does eventually lead to eviction.

So now the question is, what sort of store will fill the nice big space vacated by the General Store? We have the more upscale deli, but there is no new upscale eatery/restaurant. Or do we get a pet shop? Also, whatever happened with the re-opening of the liquor store? There are still many vacant store-fronts on Main St.

Westviewer said...

They key-cutting, in my experience, was purely theoretical.