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Friday, September 19, 2014

Whatever Happened To Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Island Asks Bowery Boys

A little bit of Roosevelt Island history. The Bowery Boys report:

... From a New York Times editorial, January 30, 1972:

"It is astonishing, and becomes more disgraceful with every passing year, that within the city there is still no memorial to this great New Yorker (except for FDR Drive, a dubious honor). The opportunity is, however, immediately at hand. Welfare Island, now slowly undergoing a total reconstruction and rebirth, would take on a new symbolic significance if its name were changed to Franklin D. Roosevelt Island -- or, better yet, to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Island in honor of that extraordinary woman who was even more closely identified with New York City than was the president himself."

By the following year Mayor Lindsay submitted a proposal to re-name Welfare Island for the president and the first lady. From Jan. 21, 1973:

Click here for the entire Whatever Happened To Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Island Bowery Boys article.

At least Eleanor finally got her own Pier with tables and chairs on Roosevelt Island thanks to the Hudson Related waterfront food concession though this is the last weekend of its season.