Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cashless Residents Want MTA To Fix Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Station Metrocard Vending Machines To Accept Credit Card Transactions And Better Customer Service At Station Booth Too

The Roosevelt Island F Train subway station MetroCard vending machines have been broken and not accepting credit card transactions since at least last Saturday.

A reader reports:
Both MTA machines at the Roosevelt F train station only accept cash. This is very inconvenient. Can RIOC talk to the MTA management? Thanks
I asked the MTA today:
Have not received answer back from the MTA yet.

Earlier today, a resident tweeted about the Roosevelt Island F train subway station MetroCard vending machine not accepting credit card transactions:
Let's see how swiftly the MetroCard vending machines are fixed and accept credit card transactions again.

UPDATE 8/11 - The Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Station MetroCard vending machines were accepting credit card transactions today.