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Friday, April 21, 2017

Long Waits At The Roosevelt Island F Train Subway Station And Long Lines At Roosevelt Island Tram This Morning Due To 7th Avenue Station Power Loss

According to the MTA:

and the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC):
MTA has advised that due to a power outage there is NO "F" train service in either direction. Please plan your travel accordingly and visit or call 511 for more information.
Roosevelt Island residents report:
The line for the North side of the tram is past sports park.
The queue for the tram is really long now.
The Roosevelt Island Twitterverse adds:
Similar situation happened March 9 and January 9.

UPDATE 3:15 PM - Statement from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's office:
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today directed the New York State Department of Public Service and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to conduct an immediate investigation into Con Edison’s equipment failure that led to significant delays across MTA New York City Transit subways this morning.

New York City Transit subways experienced a loss of station power at the Seventh Avenue Station in Manhattan due to a Con Edison equipment failure. The outage resulted in the loss of signals, escalators, communications and station lighting. MTA New York City Transit immediately deployed MTA generators to the station to restore the signals allowing trains to bypass the station. Service has resumed with residual delays.

"The loss of power due to a Con Edison equipment failure during the morning rush hour caused a cascading effect and impacted the lives of thousands of commuters. Simply put, this was completely unacceptable and I am directing the Department of Public Service and the MTA to conduct an immediate investigation into the Con Edison equipment failure, the cause of the outage and the response to it. The New York City subway system is the lifeblood of the city and a critical means of transportation for millions of people, which is why we are making unprecedented capital investments into modernizing the system. The MTA will continue to deploy emergency resources to address the short-term issues, and our investigation will address all aspects of today’s events to get to the bottom of what happened."