Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Roosevelt Island Residents Come Out In Large Numbers This Morning To Vote - I Have Never Seen The Line This Long, This Early, But Not A Bad Wait Says Resident, Everyone Needs To Vote To Restore Democracy Says Another

There was a long line early this morning for voting at the Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 polling locaton. Julia Chang shares this photo

and reports: 

The line so far has made it past the school to the back of Westview!

Roosevelt Island Twitterverse adds: Roosevelt Island Disabled Association President (RIDA) Wendy Hersh and friends were the first on line arriving at about 5:15 and got in shortly after 6. According to Ms Hersh:
When I left the line was a little long. But it's worth waiting. Everyone needs to vote so democracy can be restored.

Long time Roosevelt Island resident Nina Lublin describes her voting experience this morning:

I was on that part of the line in the Westview courtyard at 6:20 am. There were already at least 300-350 on whole line.

It crawled along very slowly, But was moving, and when I got to the back of 217 by the river at 7:45, we could see the cafeteria.

A supervisor plucked me & 3 other seniors from the line at that point, escorted us into the school entrance, and brought us to the front of the inside line at the cafeteria, where we directed to our particular table. I was out by 7:11.

 I was reluctant to go to the front of the line but very grateful. 

Inside 217 when I was there, the “Inside/Regular” line was long and not very distanced. A little worrisome. Inside the cafeteria, it was very organized, a little noisy & nerve wracking, and all the staff were terrific...

As the day went on, the lines outside grew shorter and by the afternoon you could walk right in and vote.

By 3 PM about 1550 Roosevelt Islanders had voted. For comparison, at the end of the 2016 election, there were about 2700 votes cast. Still plenty of time for 2020 Roosevelt Island vote to surpass the 2016 vote.

One noticeable difference at the Roosevelt Island polling site this year was the number of young poll workers.

Meet some of the young Roosevelt Island election workers who are also residents of Roosevelt Island.
If you haven't voted yet, there's still time. The polls close at 9 PM tonight.
Get out and vote and let's hope our 4 year long national nightmare is over.