Thursday, March 6, 2008

Red Bus to 2nd Avenue & 60th Street During Roosevelt Island Tram Shutdown Not Part of Present Plan

Roosevelt Island Red Bus Ride from Octagon to Good Shepherd Plaza from Roosevelt Island 360

A reader of this post on 2009 Roosevelt Island Tram shutdown asks:
No plans to run the red bus all the way to Manhattan this time? I thought it was great during the last tram outage. The red bus ran express from Gristedes to 2nd Ave and whatever the cross street is.. 60th St? It stopped in front of that pet store.
RIOC President Steve Shane replies:
Our present plan is not to run the buses to 60th street as it is very uneconomical, especially during rush hours.We would consider a night time pickup depending on demand. Putting the red buses into rush hour traffic on the Queensboro Bridge takes a lot of time in both directions.


Section1Guy said...

I wasn't around the last time the tram was down, but did they charge the regular price to go to Manhattan on the Red Bus...25 cents?

Anonymous said...

No, it was $2 cash (no Metrocards accepted). The bus was very well used, though, so I am not buying the "uneconomical" reasoning. It was really convenient. For the next shutdown we have to take a train from Roosevelt Ave to go to the UES.