Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Roosevelt Island Dog News - Virus Speading and Should LIC Gantry State Park Dog Restrictions Be Implemented Here?

You Tube Video of Walk on Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island Dogs, who blogs about all things canine on Roosevelt Island, is reporting:
Be aware that there is a canine virus spreading around the island. Symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting. The incubation period appears seems to be between 4 & 14 days and the virus seems to be spreading by contact with dogs who have the virus or contact with their feces....
and provides a later update from a local Veterinarian:
... More than likely we are dealing with a coronavirus which is a virus that affects the intestinal track. As far as avoidance, there is really nothing other than absolute no contact between dogs which is impossible so we just have to treat the symptoms accordingly as they show up..
For some more canine news, the Daily News ,via Curbed, is reporting today that Long Island City's nearby Gantry State Park has:
...recently started enforcing a dog ban on the piers, an area that owners have enjoyed with their furry friends for over a decade. The restriction, which has been on the books for state-run parks in the city, came after the park opened a new green, dog-free section to the public early this month...

... "The reason we made the change is because we have a serious problem with people not picking up after their dogs," said Rachel Gordon, the regional director for New York State Parks....

No Dog Sign at Gantry State Park in Long Island City

Roosevelt Island Dogs does not think that these dog restrictions are fair.
... Instead of a blanket ban on dogs, it makes more sense and is more helpful to provide solutions to help correct the problem. Installing poop bag dispensers, vigilantly keeping those dispensers filled with bags, and installing many more trash cans would prove tremendously beneficial in the battle to change the behavior of those who are not currently cleaning up after their dogs. What isn't helpful is foolishly banning dogs from the area...
Unfortunately, all too often I have seen Roosevelt Island dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs and ignoring Curb Your Dog signs, particularly on the Riverwalk Commons area where people, adults and children, play and relax.

Riverwalk Commons Curb Your Dog Sign

Few things are as disgusting as the squishy sound you hear when stepping in dog crap, particularly when there is a poop bag dispenser close by.

Riverwalk Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

RIOC has a dog enforcement policy which includes the responsibility of dog owners to:
...Remove their dogs feces from any public areas (New York City Health Code 161.03 and New York Public Health Law 1310)
If dog owners do not do this:
Effective immediately, Public Safety Officers will enforce this policy and issue notices of violations to dog owners who are not in compliance.


Anonymous said...

I would have no objection to Roosevelt island Dogs implementing their own suggstions but I do not see why that should be done by RIOC

Anonymous said...

Dogs owners in RI are not obeying the leach law, the clean-after-your-dog law, not even in the assigned dog run enclosures, as you see posted signs there, too, begging owners to pick up after their beauties. I have noticed that most of the public signs about these laws have been removed. And there is poop everywhere. IOwners are leting their pets destroy our gardens, grass, beautiful trees, and landscaped areas, and it is a shame. Our common green areas are the greatest asset about RI.

Tita Lou said...

Please do respect others property. the garden are free to use but please be reminded that its not yours.

green scrubs & grey scrubs

Cathy said...