Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update On Roosevelt Island Main Street Parking Spots Removed From Front of PS/IS 217 - They're Back

No Parking In Front Of PS/IS 217 on Main Street

Latest update on the recent removal of 12 Roosevelt Island Main Street parking spaces in front of PS/IS 217.

Parking Signs In Front Of PS/IS 217 Are Back

The parking spaces have returned.

Parking In Front Of PS/IS 217

Good job by RIRA President Frank Farance in bringing attention to this issue and RIOC President Steve Shane in correcting the original action.

On July 24, Mr. Farance sent the following message to Mr. Shane:
Dear Steve Shane and Fernando Martinez

Today, at PS/IS 217 I saw the parking signs back to metered parking. Thank you for considering the residents' needs.


Anonymous said...

Are they permanently back or just while the upper level of Motorgate is closed for a movie shoot?


Restoration of parking has nothing to do with movie shoot.

As permanent as anything else on Roosevelt island.