Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MTA's Fast Track Subway Program Reaches Roosevelt Island Next Week - No Roosevelt Island F Train Service In Either Direction Starting 10 PM Monday February 27 thru 5 AM Friday March 2, Q Line Extended To Roosevelt Island At These Times

The MTA is reporting that there will be no F train subway service to Roosevelt Island and other stations on the  6th Avenue subway line from 14th Street to Queensbridge/21 street starting 10 PM Monday February 27 until 5 AM Friday March 2 due to the Fast Track Subway repair program. The MTA notes:
Service is extended to 21 St-Queensbridge, stopping at Lexington Av/63 St and Roosevelt Island. 
What is the Fast Track program? According to the MTA:
MTA New York City Transit wrapped up its second FASTRACK line segment closure successfully completing an ambitious schedule of work on the Seventh Avenue Line from 34th Street-Penn Station to Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. It remains clear that the FASTRACK program is both a safer and more efficient way to maintain and clean a 24/7 subway system.

Transit employees, inspected signals, replaced rails and ties, scraped roadbeds, cleaned stations and painted areas impossible to reach during normal train operation. Workers also took the opportunity to clean lighting fixtures, change bulbs and repair platform edges while performing intense levels of station cleaning—things that improve efficiency while also providing a visible improvement to the station environment....
... During the four-night series of shutdowns, 800 maintenance workers each night completed more than 400 tasks, an effort that would have taken months under normal operations. Work included:
  • 15,000 bags of rubbish removed;
  • 17,000 pounds of scrap material removed;
  • Muck and mud scraped from 19,000 feet of concrete roadbed;
  • 2,500 light bulbs changed in subway tunnels and station platforms;
  • Several stations received spot painting and the ceilings of others, including Nevins Street, were scraped and painted;
  • Station drains cleaned;
  • Maintenance and inspection of eight elevators and three escalators performed at Chambers Street, Clark Street and Borough Hall;
  • Serviced and inspected smoke detectors and alarms;
  • Serviced 17 track switches, 53 signals;
  • Repaired 315 feet of platform edge and;
  • Cleaned and tested 34 CCTV cameras and 20 monitors....
More on Fast Track.

You Tube Video of MTA's Fast Track Program

What improvements would you like to see at the Roosevelt Island subway station?


residential said...

I like them to knock out that woman making inane announcements over and over till I want to vomit, especially as she pronounces the word "escalator" as if it's "es-qu-later"! There are no announcements giving information and there's no way to communicate with the token booth, just that damn incessant loud repetition of innocuous announcements overriding any ability to have a conversation.

Westviewer said...

I agree completely, but my vote for most annoying "announcement," is "Have a nice day."

Westviewer said...

Those canned announcements are in some other stations, too.  I think it must have been a pilot program that the MTA scrapped.  I wonder what the cost was?

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