Sunday, May 12, 2013

Robbery and Assault At Roosevelt Island Gristedes Store Last Night - Gun Used By Suspect

Stewart, a Roosevelt Island resident, reports on an assault that took place Saturday night outside of Gristedes. According to Stewart:
I walked out of the garage and saw a FDNY EMT truck and no less than 20 NYPD uniformed, detectives, plain clothes and PSD personnel in and outside Gristedes. We were going in to rent some movies and saw a couple of the young employees bloodied up. I talked to a few ppl and were told that these kids were pistol whipped right outside Gristedes. One of the employees said that these guys all had guns. We got there around 9:40 ish.

Pretty hardcore stuff for this to happen anywhere.
According to a NYPD Spokesperson:
The victim was leaving work last night when three males came up from behind him, threw him to the ground, searched his pockets and took his iPhone. One of the suspects was seen with a gun.
The suspects have not been apprehended.

No response from Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) to my inquiry today about the incident.

Click here for April 2013 RIOC Public Safety Blotter.


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westviewgirl said...

I am in hopes that there were security cameras that caught the whole horrible thing and these sorry excuses for humans, thugs, slime, you name it, are caught! . Before we let FF Park build on the island they should have been willing to help with the island security systems, and been willing to provide cameras at key areas of the island, before they spent million and millions on that horrible looking thing they call a park. I hope they catch these thugs.and I am praying that one day we will have NYPD in a proper office and station here...the bad guys know we are without proper NYPD presence. The crime is getting worse here as the population grows, yet we pay taxes for NYPD, and they have to come from Queens when we need them. We now will be having millions clogging up our tram and train to come see the FFP, and we still do not have NYPD..we will be having Ferry Service which will bring millions each year here, we still do not have NYPD, we will be hosting a new college campus here, still no NYPD ... I am vexed that Mr. Cuoma, and Mr. Bloomeburg think we are well and fine as is...all of you should wonder why too. yet we welcome with open arms Ms. Pollara and her FFP team to come aboard and maybe even charge admission one day to that park. They have collected millions at cocktail parties to have their names on the marble or granite down there, still hosting 10 thousand a ticket for private sunset parties down there to raise more money. Does any at all go for RI improvements? 10 grand a ticket Sunset parties at FFP with live music, and thugs pistol whipping our grocery store employees. What is wrong with this picture?

CheshireKitty said...

Very unusual for Roosevelt Island. It sounds like the three perps may have robbed the Gristedes and then happened on the man walking outside the store with the iPhone. There is security at the Gristedes, though. Outside the Gristedes can be an isolated spot and on a rainy night, the perps may have figured they could get away with it - since the store is adjacent to the bridge to Queens. I bet they just walked back over the bridge and maybe were parked somewhere along Vernon. We need more cams and security on RI - maybe the NYPD, since these guys were packing. At least cams on the bridge - also, a system whereby PSD is notified if there are problems at the Gristedes. Not sure if putting Gristedes entrance on Main St was such a great idea - there may have been more activity at the old entrance with people waiting for the bus and walking in and out of Motorgate.

Joe Carbo said...

this is very bad news for the building owners. as they want to get the big rents. they do not want the new hipsters hearing about this. the wire will cover this up. as thd wire works hand in hand with rioc.

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