Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Too Hot For Roosevelt Island Starbucks To Remain Open This Afternoon Without Air Conditioning - Thirsty Customers Turned Away

The temperature read 88 degrees today

at about 4PM which proved to hot for the Roosevelt Island Starbucks to handle.

Thirsty and hot customers faced locked doors

and were reluctantly turned away

by our Roosevelt Island Starbucks Baristas who were working without air conditioning in the 455 Main Street Store. The air conditioning at the Roosevelt Island Starbucks is frequently out of service during hot weather.

Those who bought their Starbucks before it closed were able to enjoy their drinks

outside on the patio, which was cooler than inside the store.

Despite the lack of air conditioning and temporary closure today, in my view, the Roosevelt Island Baristas do a great job serving our community


Westviewer said...

I wonder how often this happens in other Starbucks stores?

APS said...

It's really such a shame they cannot provide their employees with proper air conditioning, this seems to happen often. Come on Starbucks, get with it!

CheshireKitty said...

How can the a/c at a business in a modern building not work? The one "commandment" of a business is to stay open and provide services for customers. Is the franchisee too cheap to pay the electrical bill - wants to cut corners by closing the store on hot days? And what happens to the employees when the owner shuts down the store? Do they get paid for the hours the store is closed?

Mark Lyon said...

Things break and it's not always possible to fix them immediately.

Generally in NY, workers who show up at their reported time but for whom the employer can't provide work get paid for four hours (or the duration of their shift, if it's less). Most, in a situation like this, would pay for the full shift, particularly if their interruption insurance allows that as part of the claim.