Sunday, October 12, 2014

Scenes From Roosevelt Island 2014 Fall For Arts Festival - Daffodil Project Planting, Mural Painting, Castle Building, Pumpkin Carving, Hands Only CPR Training, Music, Dance, Food & More

Despite the morning cold and rain, Saturday's Roosevelt Island Fall For Arts Festival was a fun time for all who participated.

Here are some scenes beginning with the iDig2Learn Daffodil planting

project in the rain at the Motorgate Atrium,

mural painters not letting the rain stop them,

and indoor crafts at Gallery RIVAA.

After the rain stopped during the afternoon, the Roosevelt Island Explorers built castles

 using cardboard boxes,

By The Mummers entertained

with song and dance,

delicious food from Daisy May's BBQ,

Hands only CPR training from Lynn Strong-Shinozaki,

a clown,


Island Kids pumpkin carving,

crafts with the Roosevelt Island Day Nursery,

tips from Bike New York,

Kite flying at FDR Four Freedoms Park

and Chinese Qin performance & storytelling at Gallery RIVAA.

Good job by RIOC and all the other Roosevelt Island organizations putting together the Fall For Arts Festival this year and not letting Saturday's bad weather spoil the fun.

UPDATE 10/13 - Roosevelt Island resident George Khelashvili attended the Fall For Arts Festival with his family and shares video below adding:
This video features Colombian professional band "Folklore Urbano" who performed brilliantly at the Fall Festival Event. This band is becoming well known to the island community since they have been offering after school programs at P.S./I.S.217 where they teach kids Colombian culture (songs, dances, playing native instruments) on a very high level. In fact, our 5-year old daughter, Mariam (who is featured in the shared video) attended the program last semester and she, along with all the kids that participated, is absolutely in love with the band.


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