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Thursday, March 19, 2015

No Roosevelt Island Vehicle Access Through Motorgate Garage During Helix Ramp Repair Closure Says RIOC Director - A Gurney Lift To Top Of Helix Ramp Suggested

As previously reported, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) will soon begin work on repairing the Roosevelt Island Bridge Helix Ramp.

During February 9 RIOC Operations Advisory Committee meeting, RIOC Director of Engineering Jim Mortimer said:
... the repair work on top of the ramp would be done at night from 11 PM to 6 AM requiring the closing of the ramp during those hours. Work beneath the ramp would be done during the day and would not disrupt traffic.

RIOC Director Michael Shinozaki expressed concern regarding emergency vehicle access to Roosevelt Island during the late night closure of the Helix ramp. Mr. Shinozak said that provisions need to be made to insure emergency vehicle access to Roosevelt Island by weaving through the Motorgate Garage.

Mr. Mortimer updated the RIOC March 9 Operations Advisory Committee (full audio web cast of meeting) by phone on the Helix repair.

Also, Mr. Shinozaki pointed out that his further inquiries determined there is no way for emergency vehicles to be able to use the Motorgate garage for access to Roosevelt Island while the Helix is closed. Mr. Shinozaki suggested a gurney may be necessary to lift a person up to the Helix top in the event of an emergency while the Helix ramp is close. Mr. Mortimer added that RIOC needs to work more on this issue.

Here the discussion.


Islanderx2 said...

I hope RIOC confers with FDNY, NYPD and even the EMO on the procedures necessary to be put in place for the health and safety of RI residents. Certainly the appointees and the Board have no clue. Let the experts deal with it.

CheshireKitty said...

It is tough just having one vehicular access point, which depends on one ramp. I know we can't have an elevator at the 59th St bridge because it's a landmark, but what about a car/truck elevator at the Roosevelt Island Bridge? Not sure exactly where an elevator could be constructed - and certainly it would cost a bundle, but it might not be such a bad idea to have an alternative to the ramp. A truck elevator to the bridge deck level of Motorgate is a lot cheaper than a second bridge to Queens. Or - maybe the City would consider having an elevator at the 59th St Bridge, given the burgeoning population of the island. It would also offer a handy way - with no train/tram fare involved - for pedestrians to access Manhattan.