Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Roosevelt Island Clothing Donations Accepted At St Cabrini Chapel Until New Thrift Shop Opens - NY Archdiocese Close To Signing 504 Main Street Second Floor Lease With Hudson Related For New Chapel And Thrift Store

A Roosevelt Island resident asked this morning:

Some co-residents on Roosevelt Island and myself were trying to find a place to donate clothes on the island. Do you by any chance know of a place that accepts donations on the island? Thank you for any guidance you can provide!
I replied:
With the closing of the Thrift Shop, I am not aware of a place on Roosevelt Island to donate clothes.

I will ask around and get back to you.

A representative of the St Cabrini Chapel suggested:
They can bring it to the Cabrini chapel and we will store it until the Thrift store opens.

9am -1pm and then 4pm to 6pm Monday through Thursday. I am in the office Friday 9am-3:30pm ... people can bring clothing donations to the Cabrini Chapel.
The St. Cabrini Chapel is at 564 Main Street.

The Archdiocese of NY is currently negotiating with Main Street Master Leaseholder Hudson Related for the 7 thousand square feet of space on the second floor of 504 Main Street (first floor will be new Roosevelt Island NYPL branch)

 Image Of 504 Main Street

to be used as a Chapel, Thrift Shop and other uses. Substantial renovations of the premises are necessary. Very reliable sources say that a lease signing is expected very soon.

The Main Street Retail Master Lease is among the items to be discussed at May 16 Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Real Estate Development Advisory Committee meeting.

UPDATE 5/18 - Pleases bring any donations to St. Cabrini Chapel in bags for storage until new Thrift Store is open. Donations not in bags will not be accepted.


susy said...

The lift is safer in my opinion cause if it gets stuck, the person operating it will find out immediately vs the elev that it will take a long time for someone to realize that it is stuck with persons inside

The SLAs depend on every company when they make a contract for service. And of course an elevator down in a place with only one elevator is a big no no.

For sure having the elev down for more than 12 hrs is costly and infringes so many hadicaps' laws, cause for every person that has to come down by themselves through stairs that can not do it, FDNY has to come and "rescue" them.

RIOC doesnt have any SLA with any company cause they do not have a service contract, they have a repair contract. Which is different. They pay a co. to repair the elev however and whenever they see fit
A service contract says that RIOC will pay an annual or monthly amount to have that elev working 7x24x365 with a window of "x" hrs or "x" days to repair it including the parts that need to be replaced. If RIOC is not paying and they dont care (like this case) they will only pay for a repair that could take days (like we have experienced)
Before, when RIOC said they have a service contract and that they wont pay extra if the door was jammed again, they kept the elev in a good working condition. That contract expire, as we can all have see and experience.

WE (the residents) have to Demand RIOC that a service agreement is needed with a window time that works for US (the residents) not for whatever money RIOC wants to save.

susy said...

but here's is the law for ADA Transportation, which includes elevators/lifts in buses, trains and other conveyances

It says that RIOC should provide a van for ADA in case the 2 elev/lifts are not working at the same time... hahahaha


susy said...


Sarah Smith said...

This situation is unacceptable for the people who need to use the elevator (wheelchairs and strollers). The weather is getting too warm to be stuck in an elevator for any amount of time with an infant in a stroller. This is not a new problem and RIOC needs to make this a priority!

rilander said...

RIOC must have a better way of communicating when they and/or CY Opperman are
not in the office. There must be coordination with public safety. AND...contract
or not, they must have emergency support people available every minute/hour the
tram is available to assist people with strollers and/or the disabled when the
elevator isn't working. If the tram and PSD contracts won't let them do this,
then RIOC must hire additional people to be available.

There must be a contract with a reliable elevator service company and that contract must be based on a service level agreement (SLA) that provides a quick response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to get the elevators back in service. RIOC is getting enough
money from us in the form of maintenance/rent and NY State taxes, so if they say
it's too expensive, let's cut out the salaries of some of those who just sit at
591 Main Street...do we really need that many people who do nothing? Maybe even
start with the do nothing CEO/president of RIOC!

I urge parents with strollers as well as those who are disabled to write and phone RIOC constantly, as well as NYC
Council member Ben Kallos and NY State Assembly woman Rebecca Seawright. We need to keep it
up until we get a proper response and action. After all, they kept up a barrage
of mailings, phone calls and emails to all of us to get them elected!

RIRA's entire common council, not just the head of the parents network, must take a strong position to support this community and put pressure on RIOC, especially through legislative contacts higher up than the RIOC officers who are totally ignoring the needs of this community.!

Please everyone...keep up the emails and
phone calls....hourly, daily...many of us and often enough, flooding their lines until RIOC gets the idea
that we're not going away nor will we be quiet until they stop stonewalling us
and fix this problem!

Here again are the contacts:

RIOC phone 212-832-4540

RIOC Directors directors@rioc.ny.gov

RIOC President/CEO Charlene.Indelicato@rioc.ny.gov

RIOC Transportation Cyril.Opperman@rioc.ny.gov

RIOC Public Safety John.McManus@rioc.ny.gov

Main Street Wire MainStreetWIRE@usa.net

RIRA President Jeffrey.Escobar@haynesboone.com

NYC Councilman BKallos@council.nyc.gov

NYS Assembly Rep SeawrightR@assembly.state.ny.us

Roosevelt Island Blog rooseveltislander@gmail.com

IslandKrewe said...

Ok, whats new.. on the Island side, if you have been at the tram on a weekend or Friday with the rush of tourists you will see plenty of turnstile jumping , and door held open with non fare paying travelers.. This has been happening for a while, because there is no attendant on the RI Side.. so its a nice freebie ...