Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Amalgamated Bank Renews Lease For Roosevelt Island Branch & Seeking To Engage More With Community & Sponsor Local Organizations - Hosting Imagination Playground For Kids With FDR Four Freedoms Park Sunday October 25

Image Of Roosevelt Island Amalgamated Bank Storefront

Roosevelt Island's Amalgamated Bank reports:
Roosevelt Island’s only bank, Amalgamated Bank, Imagination Playground and Four Freedoms Park Conservancy are coming together today to host a fall festival in Four Freedoms Park on Sunday, October 25. The event, which includes giveaways such as children’s books, is geared toward children twelve and under with the goal of encouraging them to learn through cooperative play. Prior to the event, Amalgamated Bank provided a $15k sponsorship to Four Freedoms Park Conservancy, which went toward buying permanent, oversized construction blocks for the park. The park had previously rented the blocks.

Amalgamated Bank is the only bank on Roosevelt Island. The branch is currently undergoing renovations, though it remains open, and is expected to have completed such renovations by November of this year.

Who: Amalgamated Bank

Imagination Playground

Four Freedoms Park Conservancy

What: Fall festival recommended for children 12 and under

When: Sunday, October 25 from 11am-4pm

Where: FDR Four Freedoms Park (southern tip of Roosevelt Island)
Amalgamated Bank's Bryan Trevino, Director of Retail Banking, and Albert Salas, Roosevelt Island Branch Manager, spoke to the October 7 Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council Public Session.

Mr. Trevino noted that Amalgamated Bank has renewed its Roosevelt Island Main Street lease, is currently remodeling their Roosevelt Island bank branch and wish to become more engaged with the Roosevelt Island community. Amalgamated Bank is looking for suggestions from the community on how they can best serve and contribute to Roosevelt Island.

Mr. Salas reported that Amalgamated Bank will be sponsoring efforts by local organizations including the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association, RIRA, Roosevelt Island Historical Society and PS/IS 217.

More information on Amalgamated Bank available at their web site and from previous post on Amalgamated Bank Roosevelt Island mortgage offerings.

UPDATE 10/26 - Amalgamated Bank tweets scenes from the 10/25 Imagination Playground event
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