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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Scenes From Today's Roosevelt Island Halloween Parade - Check Out The Terrific Photos

Roosevelt Island photographer Irina Hage shares these wonderful photos from today's Roosevelt Island Halloween Parade.

Check out more of Irina's photos at her 2016 Roosevelt Island Halloween Parade Flikr page.

2016 Halloween Parade

Irina specializes in children and family photography. According to Irina:

If someone wants the original photo file (in original size and without the watermark), please contact me by e-mail.
Captain America, also known as Roosevelt Island's NYC Council Member Ben Kallos, shares these photos of costumed characters from today's Roosevelt Island Halloween Parade too.

UPDATE 10/30 - Roosevelt Island, don't ever change says resident Nick Turner at the Halloween Parade:
Karine Wong shares these pictures from the Roosevelt Island Halloween Parade.

More pictures of the Roosevelt Island Halloween Parade from Ms. Wong.

Following the Halloween Parade, the festivities continued at Capobianco Field.

where a sign of love could be seen in the blue skies


UPDATE 10/31 - Watch here as the Roosevelt Island Tram is investigated for Ghosts and Slimers by a Ghostbuster.