Monday, March 6, 2017

Update On New Roosevelt Island Nisi Diner, Formerly Trellis, Renovations - Owner Says After Overcoming Many Unforeseen Obstacles, Opening Soon, Hopefully

Roosevelt Island's Trellis diner closed for renovations 

 in September 2014.

In April 2016 the plywood came down in front of the renovated storefront and we were told the opening was very soon.

But Nisi did not open in 2016. The last we heard was that Nisi was to open this winter.

Well, the winter is almost over and residents are still anxiously waiting for the re-opening of the new Nisi restaurant.

Here's the latest update courtesy of resident Frank Farance who spoke with Nisi owner Kai Razaghi last Saturday. According to Mr. Farance:
Some good news about Trellis/Nisi. Heard them working downstairs, came to take a look and saw Mr. Kai and some plumbers. I asked him about a variety of stories/rumors I've heard, and got some clarity. They got their fire/etc. inspections, and then needed to turn the gas on. Well there were two problems: first was their permit was old enough that they had to get a new permit and do some plumbing work, but the second was that the inspection rules changed since the Lower East Side Building Collapse, which was caused by the bogus gas work/pluming and explosion. Since that event, all plumbing has to be inspected by the City/Con Ed, rather than in the past where the plumbers could self-inspect.

He hopes this is the last obstacle. He told me: over the summer he set up the tables and flowers with the expectation that he'd be opening very soon, but there was one unforeseen obstacle after another.

So what about them rumors that he was selling the business? He scoffed: anyone who is in business would understand that wouldn't make sense. He is looking forward to completing, hopefully, the last step and opening soon.

Mr. Kai hasn't lost his infectious smile. I told him: We all wish you well!
Yes, we wish him well and hope to see Nisi open soon.