Thursday, January 29, 2009

Plans For Coler - Goldwater Condo Development as Part of NY State Transform Roosevelt Island Project

Image of Coler-Goldwater Site in Transform Roosevelt Island Plan from Smart Growth

Our friends over at Curbed alerted us to this post from blogger Smart Growth regarding a NY State plan called Transforming Roosevelt Island. According to Smart Growth:
Plans are being drawn up to demolish two long-term care hospitals on Roosevelt Island and replace them with 1500 new residential units south of the Queensboro Bridge and 900 more units on the Coler Hospital site. The Coler site will have a new state of the art healthcare facility with some supportative housing units....
Over the years the fate of Coler-Goldwater Hospital has been the subject of much speculation and worry among the hospital patients, Roosevelt Island residents, local politicians and property developers. From an earlier post:
There has been much speculation and discussion raised in the past few months by residents, journalists, politicians, and bloggers over the fate of Coler-Goldwater Hospital's southern campus on Roosevelt Island and worry that it's residents might be moved to be replaced with more luxury condos. At a recent meeting with Southtown residents, RIOC President Steve Shane indicated that it was his opinion the south Coler-Goldwater Hospital campus was not going to be sold by New York City and developed into luxury condos anytime in the near future. Mr. Shane:
My considered opinion based on conversations with HHC persons and experience with NYC projects of like type. I suggested a minimumm of 10 years before anything could realistically happen.
Asked to comment on the Transform Roosevelt Island plan, RIOC President Steve Shane said today:
Nothing has changed that I know of. My experience tells me that this is a very long way from any reality. I never saw the rendering pictures before, but they make interesting, if fanciful images.

Image of Coler-Goldwater Site in Transform Roosevelt Island Plan from Smart Growth

More information is available here including NY 1 Video story highlighting the issues involved.

Roosevelt Island 360 shows us what the views look like from Coler-Goldwater with a 360 degree video.

UPDATE - 1/30 - RI 360 reports on Smart Growth:
... their source is someone working directly on developing the TRI Project ("Transforming Roosevelt Island") and cannot be revealed at this time as "its still a work in progress".


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They should add a rendering of what the subway platform would look like in rush hour.