Thursday, September 27, 2007

Take the Shoppers Bus to Costco - From Roosevelt Island

Off Island grocery shopping options have improved for Roosevelt Island residents. Apparently RIOC provides a regularly scheduled "Shoppers Bus" for Roosevelt Island residents which includes a stop at Costco in Long Island City. According to RIOC Advisory page:

Shopping Bus Advisory
The Shoppers Bus will now make a stop at COSTCO
every second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month starting July 10th, 2007.
The Costco stop will be added to the regular shoppers bus schedule.
Please bring shopping bags and/or cart for groceries. Pick up & drop off location will be at the Costco bus stop.
The Red Bus can not drive inside of Costco parking lot.
This is a great idea. If it is still operating why not run on weekends when more people are available to shop? I wonder if this is a service for senior citizens or is it available for everyone?
Image is from LICNYC.


Anonymous said...

What I've seen about the Shopper Bus is that it is for the senior citizens that live in Eastwood. I always see them waiting in the lobby and a Red Bus saying "Shoppers Bus" shows up and picks them up.