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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Roosevelt Island Tennis Association Opening Day This Saturday

Received the following message from a member of the Roosevelt Island Tennis Association:

... RITA will kick off its season with an inaugural event Saturday, April 19th, starting at 10 am hosted by the RITA officers and executive board with special input by Arvind Rampurada. Please see the attached flyer. A few strong players will be joining us so this will be an opportunity for any of you who are eager to step up and hit with "the big boys" (and girls). There will also be familiar social doubles and mixed doubles as well for those who aren't ready for stiff competition.

This will be the day for all current members to renew their memberships and greet new members who are joining for the first time. So, mark your calendar and spread the word among all your tennis friends.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the courts. Let's hope the April weather cooperates!


PS. A note about your RIOC tennis permit. ALL players (even those who have permits from last year) need pick up new permits at the Public Safety Office after signing up and paying on line at RIOC's website.
Some Octagon Park Tennis Rules and Regualtions from RIOC:
This facility is available for RIOC Tennis Permit holders and their guests only. New York City Parks Department permits are NOT valid.

-Permits fees are:
-Adults $100
-Seniors (62 and over) $20
-Juniors (18 and under) $10
-Instructors $200

-There is a $10 charge for replacing lost or stolen ID cards.

-Courts will be open from 6am until 10:30pm every day. Although courts are maintained by RIOC from April 1 through November 30, permit holders will be able to access the court from April 1 through March 31 of the following year.

-PRIMETIME HOURS: 6pm-8:30pm weekdays, 9:30am-1:30pm weekends and holidays. Court monitors from the Roosevelt Island Tennis Association (RITA) will oversee the facility during primetime hours and on a spot-check basis during non-primetime hours. Monitors oversee court use and settle disputes. Compliance with their requests is mandatory.

-Court 4 is reserved every weeknight 6pm to 9:30pm for RITA lessons and community programs. This court may be released for general play at the discretion of the RITA official in charge. No other instruction/coaching is permitted during primetime hours. No ball baskets, individual practice, or private lessons during primetime.
Get your tennis permit here.

UPDATE - 4/16:
Public Safety 24 hour incident report for 4/14/08-700 AM to 4/15/08-700 AM
Hazardous Condition- N/E of 875 Main Street. All 6 lights were out by the Tennis Courts. RIOC Project Manager notified.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike:

Can you please tell us how we can become members of RITA (Roosevelt Island Tennis Association)?

What's the annual cost? (used to be $125 I think...
To whom do we make out the check?
To where do we send it?
And do you have a website or a schedule of adult classes posted somewhere?