Thursday, June 11, 2009

Roosevelt Island Live Summer Concert Series With Leah Siegel & Chana Rothman Saturday June 13 4 PM At Riverwalk Commons

You Tube Video of Leah Siegel Performing The Motorcycle Song

On Saturday afternoon at 4 PM, come enjoy a free Roosevelt Island concert on the Riverwalk Commons behind the F Train Subway station as part of the Roosevelt Live Summer Concert series . Leah Siegel is performing and is described as follows by The L Magazine:
In NYC songwriting circles — that scene that seems to exist at places like Joe's Pub and the Living Room, where Norah Jones' career trajectory is everyone's goal — Leah Siegel has been an artist to watch for quite a few years now, with her soulful, elegant songs that sit somewhere between the sparse weirdness of indie-folk and the straightforward palatability of regular folk
Also performing will be Chana Rothman. Roosevelt Live says of Ms. Rothman:
Chana Rothman uniquely fuses Lilith-esque singer/songwriter folk mentality with progressive worldbeat in two languages. Like an eclectic '07 Rickie Lee Jones/Joni Mitchell, her politics, her obvious bohemianism and her delicate vocal phrasing push her sound into a delicious mix that also incorporates reggae and hip hop
According to The L Magazine:
New York City has the best free outdoor summer music in the entire world. Better than France, better than China, even better than Spain. So don't miss it.
and has a Summer Preview of New York City concerts.


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