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Monday, June 8, 2009

Take The Roosevelt Island 2009 Summer Outdoor Movie Poll Plus Other New York City Outdoor Summer Movie Venues

Image From RIOC

The Roosevelt Island Summer Outdoor Movie Concert Series will start soon and RIOC is conducting an online poll to determine what movies to show. Below are the possible movie choices. Click here to take the poll and select your Roosevelt Island Summer Outdoor Movie. Below are the movie selections but click on the link above to take the poll. The current results are here. Madagascar 2, 50 First Dates, Hairspray, Pirates of the Carribean and Forest Gump are currently leading in their respective categories.
1. Please select your favorite Animated Movie from the following list:

Madagascar 2
Kung Fu Panda

2. Please select your favorite Comedy Movie from the following list:

50 First Dates
Men in Black
Galaxy Quest
Happy Gilmore
Blades of Glory

3. Please select your favorite Musical Movie from the following list:

Moulin Rouge
High School Musical 3
August Rush

4. Please select your favorite Action Movie from the following list:

The Incredible Hulk
Pirates of the Carribean
Jurassic Park

5. Please select your favorite Dramatic Movie from the following list:

The Bucket List
Secondhand Lions
October Sky
Forest Gump
The Pursuit of Happiness
Time Out New York has a list of other New York City Outdoor Summer Movie Events.


movie download said...

50 First Dates is best Comedy Movie for me.

Anonymous said...

Bolt & Forrest Gump.