Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Red Bus Fixed Schedule Experiment To Continue And Add Morning Rush Hours To Experiment

Roosevelt Island Red Bus Image From RIOC

I inquired of RIOC President Steve Shane:
Has RIOC come to any conclusions regarding last week's non-rush hour morning Red Bus fixed time schedule? Are there any plans to continue the new schedule in the future and expand it to include other or additional time periods?

If you are planning to continue the Red Bus Schedule Experiments, several readers have suggested posting the schedule at the bus stops.
Mr. Shane replied:
Conclusions so far include continuing the experiment for 2 days this week, since data collection last week got off to a rocky start; and there are some holes produced by a schedule that could use attention. The plan, after review, is to extend to earlier rush hour periods to see what happens there as well. The present experiment hasn't got enough demand to really create a stress test differential.


Anonymous said...

What a surprise about the data - insert sarcasm here. Why not do the data during RUSH hours as that's when the heaviest amount of traffic on the bus is occuring? What a thought.

Anonymous said...

And post the schedules at the bus stops and not inside the buses (or is that fixed now?)