Friday, June 12, 2009

RIOC Report On Arrest Of Roosevelt Island Parent During Little League Permit Incident Will Not Be Released To The Public

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RIOC President Steve Shane's statement regarding the May 30 arrest of a Roosevelt Island parent by two Public Safety Department Officers during a dispute between a local little league team and an off Island group with a valid permit to use Capobianco Field included the following:
... The Chief of Public Safety has conducted a full investigation of the actions of his officers and I have reviewed it with our Counsel.

... I have requested the now former head of RIRA’s Public Safety Committee to meet with Chief Guerra and to review all of the information on this incident and to report to both RIRA and RIOC on his findings. He has indicated that if so requested by RIRA, he will proceed. I suggest that all await the full findings before leaping to any conclusions.
I inquired of Mr. Shane whether Mr. Guerra's report on the incident would be made available for the Roosevelt Island community to review.
Will you be releasing the Review conducted by Public Safety Department Chief Guerra regarding the recent arrest of the Little League Parent during the ball field permit dispute to the public that was mentioned in your June 9 statement below?

The Chief of Public Safety has conducted a full investigation of the actions of his officers and I have reviewed it with our Counsel.

Your column indicated that you have asked the former head of RIRA's Public Safety Committee to review the information but that should not preclude the rest of the Roosevelt Island Public from learning the contents of Chief Guerra's completed report now.

Openness and transparency will overcome rumors, exaggerations and falsehoods. Perhaps the report can be posted in full on the RIOC web site?
Mr. Shane repled:
Because of the nature of this matter and the allegations of misconduct, while there is the potential for further legal action, I would prefer not to post the report. I would expect the RIRA report, the author having had the opportunity to review the Director's report, will satisfy on the questions that others may have. Besides, it won't be self serving, as I'm sure many would expect the Director's report to be.
Of course Mr. Shane would "prefer" not to release this report on the incident. Government officials, not just RIOC, often prefer to keep as much information as they can from the public fearing embarrassment, ridicule, the revelation of mistakes and public misunderstanding, In some cases there may be a legitimate privacy, security or legal reason for government witholding of information but there has not been a showing yet by RIOC of a legitimate reason for not releasing Mr. Guerra's report on the incident to the public particularly since RIOC is willing to share the information with a former RIRA Public Safety Committe Chairperson. (Without any positive or negative connotation express or implied, I believe this person is a former Police Officer). Note that the information is not being shared for review by the current RIRA Public Safety Chairperson.

Funneling the contents of this report through the former head of RIRA's Public Safety Committee is simply not an adequate substitute for a full public community review by any Roosevelt Island resident who wishes to read the report and find out what it reveals.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of "potential legal action", I heard the newly appointed RIRA Public Safety Committee Chairperson is suing Public Safety and RIOC. Now, isn't that a conflict of interest?

Anonymous said...

RIRA would get so much more respect with RIOC and it's departments if they were smart enough to get rid of people like Farance and Feely-Nahem. Instead, they continue to try and put these people into power.

It just makes RIRA less credible. I wish my vote would've counted more.

Anonymous said...

Can we file to get a copy as public record?

Anonymous said...

I think we should just drop it. How come we never make so much noise when the PSD arrests some black teenager doing something he's not supposed to be doing? Is it because it's a Little League parent?

Anonymous said...

If you want the records, make them say no formally.

Anonymous said...

why can't we speak the truth? we all know this person was found in the basement with a youth. How is it libelous or defamation if it is true? You write on here libelous things all the time, so why can't the truth be released about the RIRA president? IT'S ON PUBLIC RECORD.

original post as said by RI BLOG OWNER:

I deleted the first comment on this thread because the writer continues to allege criminal and potentially libelous behavior against another resident.

This has happened several times in the past. PLEASE STOP!

It serves absolutely no purpose and taints any other comments you may express.

Anonymous said...

I am a practicing Legal Aid Attorney and Police Reports do not have to be made public until after the disposition of the case. What purpose obtaining the Chief's report will serve, I'm still not sure of. It seems to me his dialogue with Mr. Lutz speaks volumes of his position. Read the WIRE blog and click on e-mails between the Chief and Dick Lutz.

Anonymous said...

How could there be an investigation without approaching everyone involved in the incident and not just Public Safety and RIOC accounts??

The Wire and the Roosevelt Islander published numerous detailed eyewitness accounts on the incident but none were approached in the report.

A once-sided investigation is simply... "propaganda".