Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't Leave Your Front Door Open, Even On Roosevelt Island And Watch Out For Counterfeit Money

Open Apartment Door Image For Illustrative Purposes Only From ImipolexG

In response to post on Roosevelt Island burglaries, a reader wrote:
I would like to think that I live in a community that allows me to leave my door unlocked. If someone enters without permission, they are looking for trouble. It's sad that we have to keep our doors locked, but I guess that's the world we now live in.
To which another reader replied:
wow, if you have that attitude, just hand me your wallet and SS# so I can steal your identity as well. Just post it here on this website, since we live in such a "safe community"
I did not think that people on Roosevelt Island really kept their apartment doors open until I read this from today's Daily Roosevelt Island Public Safety Report:
Missing Property - Tenant reported to PSD that she left her door to apartment open while vacuuming, when unknown person took her pocketbook from kitchen table. PSD responded and made search with negative results. NYPD responded, but no report was taken by NYPD.
There's also someone handing out counterfeit money as reported in to:
Petit Larceny/Counterfeit U.S. Currency - Male subject handed pizza delivery person money for pizza. When delivery person noticed that it was counterfeit, subject fled. Money was taken to NYPD and vouchered. NYPD will look into occurrence.


Anonymous said...

It's NYC - even if it is RI. We don't live in Oklahoma or the suburbs...Close your door and lock it people!

Anonymous said...

even after someone told public safety that they saw 2 teens and one with a white tee shirt.. nothing was done.. stop trying to blame the wrong ones and find the ones who are really doing the crime..it was 2 teens walking around all through that morning.why not question them too.. and in this kind of world who would want to leave their doors unlocked.. ding dong ...oh it~s open let us go in..duh!!! don~t you people watch the news..or read the bible!!

Ajlouny said...

That's like inviting trouble in. Too much temptation for a surly mind.