Monday, May 28, 2012

RIOC Board Discusses Roosevelt Island Issues With Residents During Conversation Thursday Night - Main Street Stores, Seawall, Meditation Steps, Poor Condition Of Southpoint Park, Garden Club, Outdoor Movies, Public Library, Street Furniture & More

Poor Condition Of Southpoint Park Trees and Landscaping Discussioin

Last Thursday evening, members of the Roosevelt Island community met with resident Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Board of Directors to discuss a variety of issues including:
  • Main Street Retail stores/windows/arcade (not much the Directors could do now that Hudson Related is the Master Leaseholder),
  • Status of Roosevelt Island seawall (repairs on the Southeast seawall will begin shortly with FEMA reimbursement for portions),
  • Meditation Steps (RFP for repairs was approved by RIOC Board though Meditation Steps will probably not be open before September),
  • Condition of Southpoint Park (deplorable condition of Trees and Landscaping at Southpoint Park),
  • Garden Club (What is the status, if any, of agreement between Garden Club and RIOC? Not known), 
  • Affordable Housing, 
  • placement of benches, tables and street furniture (at Good Shepherd Plaza, Southtown and near Octagon Soccer Field),
  • Red Bus Route,
  • Outdoor Summer Movies (more movies for grown ups instead of, or in addition to, kids movies) and
  • the future of the Public Library and new Cornell NYC Tech campus
among others.

Here's what happened. Sorry, but audio at some portions of the video may be hard to hear.

You Tube Video of RIOC Directors Conversation With Residents (Part 1)

You Tube Video of RIOC Directors Conversation With Residents (Part 2)

I think all who attended, both RIOC Directors and other residents, thought that this was a very productive discussion and would like to see similar discussion continue in the future.


YetAnotherRIer said...

"[ ... ] there will be less of a barrier to prevent kids from darting directly into traffic.  They will be running out from a shaded arcade and will not be easy to see by drivers.  [ ... ], there is not even that safety zone for a child who may thus step directly in front of a bus or car. 
[ ... ] will put kids and possibly other pedestrians at risk if they dart out into traffic from the shaded arcade. [ ... ]  Directors cannot do more to protect the safety of children on Roosevelt Island [ ... ]"
As a parent of three young children myself I take the responsibility to keep my children safe and sound into my own hands. I don't need the RIOC or Hudson Related to do that for me. Unfortunately, it seems I am one of the very few who think that way. If your children are known to "dart" into a street they are better held by their hands all the time.