Sunday, August 4, 2013

Schucks Road Shoot Music Video While Running For You On Roosevelt Island - Wrote First Song by Candlelight In Roosevelt Island Apartment During Hurricane Sandy

Who were these two banjo picking, guitar strumming guys running down Roosevelt Island's East River Waterfront West Promenade towards the Queensboro Bridge the other day.

No, they were not trying to catch the Tram, the F Train or being pursued by Public Safety. The guys, Brandon Pheltz and Mike Perrie Jr. are the members of Schucks Road and were shooting a music video here on Roosevelt Island.

They are pretty good. Take a listen.

According to The Living Room:
On a cold night in October, Brandon Pfeltz and Michael Perrie Jr. formed Schucks Road while stranded in the blackout of New York City during Hurricane Sandy. Their first song was written by candlelight while the rain pounded against the window of their apartment building on Roosevelt Island....
More on Schucks Road at their web site and Facebook page.

Apparently, Roosevelt Island is the home for some talented musicians like Shucks Road and Emily Mure.

Hey, The Lumineers and Avett Brothers started somewhere too.


gfburke said...

I keep expecting them to talk about geico insurance. :) Seriously, good stuff! I listen to a lot of this kind of music.

Hot Rolla said...

i love SCHUCKS ROADDD!!! can't wait to do another gig with you guys in beautiful NYC... ^_^ was an honor to film this!

brandinian said...

Hey guys, this is fantastic! Thanks so much for the write up. I'm Brandon Pfeltz, one of the members of the group. We both live and write our music here on Roosevelt Island. We've actually just finished recording our first EP and it was released back in July.

We just were goofing off when we made this video. It evolved from an impromptu photoshoot that we were having earlier in the day and we figured it would be cool to shoot a few songs at various locations around the island. Be on the lookout for more. :)

You can check us out at!

Thank you!