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Thursday, September 12, 2013

RIOC President Charlene Indelicato Addresses Roosevelt Island Residents Association And Answers Questions - She Welcomes Residents Input But RIOC Has Job To Do

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato made her first appearance in front of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council last night. Ms. Indelicato told the RIRA Common Council and members of the audience that she has been RIOC President for nearly 4 months, noting this is her dream job and that she is enjoying it immensley.

Ms Indelicato stated:

... I don't know the internal politics of RIRA nor do I want to know but I do know my relationship with RIRA as RIOC President is good and getting better...

... Everything takes time ...  I can tell you we have a staff that works at RIOC that is really dedicated. Many of them don't live here but they love it... walking here at night you can't help but love this Island....

... I welcome your input into the areas that we are delving into. That is not to say that you will sit by everybody's side and write the program. That is our job and we will do it and then we will ask for your input and comments....
RIRA Common Counsel member Mark Lyon asked Ms. Indelicato about the status of NY State Inspector General reports concerning RIOC. Ms. Indelicato responded that she does not have the Inspector General reports or the Public Safety Audit report.

RIRA Common Counsel member Joyce Mincheff asked about the Cornell NYC Tech negotiations. Ms Indelicato said they are still meeting and negotiating with Cornell but had nothing else to say on the matter other than she is waiting for more information from Cornell. Ms. Indelicato complimented the Roosevelt Island Community Coalition (RICC) on identifying the issues of utmost importance regarding the Cornell negotiations adding that RICC was "right on" in its analysis.

RIRA Common Counsel member Frank Farance asked about strategic planning for Roosevelt Island. Ms. Indelicato replied that strategic planning is great but right now she is focusing on immediate needs such as the seawall, railing and steam plant.

Answering Mr. Farance's question about a Roosevelt Island strategic plan developed by former RIOC VP of Operations Fernando Martinez, Ms Indelicato replied:
... I looked at it and there was nothing there. There was a fill in the blank thing....
Here's Ms. Indelicato's appearance at yesterday's RIRA meeeting.

Good job by Ms. Indelicato. I hope she continues the dialogue with RIRA and residents of Roosevelt Island.