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Friday, December 20, 2013

Q102 Bus Accident This Evening At Roosevelt Island's Blackwell Turnaround - No Injuries Reported But Boulder Stuck Underneath Bus

A MTA Q102 Bus heading south on Roosevelt Island's Main Street was involved in an accident as it was attempting to drive around the Blackwell turnaround this evening at approximately 4:30 PM. The back wheel of the bus is up on the sidewalk curb with a large boulder stuck underneath the bus.

According to this Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) advisory received just before 5 PM:
NYPD/FDNY activity at location, southbound lane obstructed, northbound lane partially obstructed due to accident, traffic moving slowly.

A Roosevelt Island resident shares this picture

and reports:
At the turnaround at the end of main street flagpole Mta bus with woman trapped on stuck wheelchair lift. Lots of island security hanging around.
The wheelchair passenger was safety taken off the bus.

No report yet on the reason for the Q102 bus accident at the Blackwell Turnaround nor of any injuries.

UPDATE 12/23 - Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Interim Public Safety Director Jack McManus explains what happened:
Driver error.

The driver was intending to bear left at the fork and missed the turn. He the proceeded to attempt to make the tight left turn around the triangle and it was too tight. The left side of the bus mounted the triangle, dislodged the boulder which got stuck between the bottom of the bus and the pavement and pulled over on the right hand side of the road when he realized the boulder was stuck underneath the undercarriage of the bus. No reported injuries.


Mickgirl said...

I am hoping someone can address why the street lights from the softball field to the bus stop at the Octagon turn around are out? This has been a two week long incident. It is cold & would help.

tavie said...

My father has been without Verizon landline service since November 6. I wrote the timeline of events here; Apparently 10 other residents in Island House are still without phone service. (This number keeps changing.) Verizon also tried several times to use this to get him to upgrade to fiber (which he does NOT need!) I wrote the timeline of events here:

Mark Lyon said...

Is he being required to pay more for the service he wants? Just because FIOS can provide more service doesn't mean it can't just be used as a traditional phone line. As a plus for Verizon (and the next person to occupy his apartment) the fiber and equipment is installed so they can just turn on the TV or internet services if they like without a long install period.

The technology presented to your dad would not change - he'd still have a regular phone line and could use his existing phone. My only concern would be if there were a difference in cost, but I would not expect them to charge more for the same service delivered in a slightly different way.