Monday, October 13, 2014

Be Ballsy Gigantic Testicle Rolling Down Roosevelt Island Street Yesterday To Promote Testicular Cancer Awareness Among Young Men

Yesterday afternoon I noticed a Gigantic Ball rolling down the  hill of the Roosevelt Island Riverwalk Commons passing Starbucks

being pulled by a young man named Cory Godbee.

I asked Mr. Godbee what was going and he explained that the Gigantic Ball was part of the Be Ballsy campaign, started by Thomas Cantley to raise awareness among young men of Testicular Cancer.  Here's what Mr. Godbee had to say.

According to the Be Ballsy web site:
Thomas Cantley is pushing a GIANT BALL across America to promote awareness of testicular cancer and men’s health.

MR. BALLSY is the cancer story no one has heard.

Armed with a six-foot ball, Thomas Cantley wants to prove you don’t need to raise billions of dollars to make a difference. On an eleven-city tour, traveling from Santa Monica to New York City, never deflating this ball or detaching it from himself, Thomas has turned his educational awareness campaign into an adventure packed traveling circus.

In each city Thomas will reach out to fellow survivors he has met online and enlist their help in establishing MR. BALLSY as a new type of support group for men. Part personal coming of age story and part road tour adventure story, MR. BALLSY is the story of how far a young man will go to earn the right to call himself Ballsy.

The goal for the month long trip is to fill the ball with messages from people Thomas meets along the way.
Mr. Ballsy did get quite a bit of attention and signatures here on Roosevelt Island yesterday

while rolling down the street.

More information on the Be Ballsy Testicular Cancer campaign is here and on Facebook.


Paul Bear said...

Moving a huge piece of equipment like that on a river is probably a one-time event for a business. Rental barges are the way to go when you don't plan on owning one. I love the shot of a crane moving another crane.

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