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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Roosevelt Island Rats, Urinating Dogs, Sportspark And Tram Station Among Topics Addressed By RIRA Island Services Committee At Common Council Meeting Last Night

Image Of Commercial Garbage Area Opposite 425 Main Street

Below is the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Island Services Committee (ISC) report to the April 2015 Common Council (CC) Meeting submitted by Chair Aaron Hamburger

ISC met 3/24/15 with 7 members present from the membership of 11.

New Tram Elevators – The elevator project is in the 90 day design period, expected to be completed by mid‐May. As soon as the design is finished, ISC will urge RIOC to start negotiations with NYC to obtain the necessary park land to accommodate the larger foot‐ print for the new elevators.

Access to Tram for Strollers, Bicycles & the Disabled ‐ Wording for the proposed new signs on the Tram emergency gates has been submitted to RIOC. These signs remove the threat of a summons for anyone opening the gates.

Condition of Spotspark Facilities & Programs – A comprehensive report on conditions at Sportspark, prepared by Susy Perea, was discussed and endorsed by ISC. However, the report needs some rounding‐out before submission to RIOC. ISC members are adding additional information to the report. The final report, which should be available later in April, will be sent to appropriate people at RIOC. We will ask for a series of meetings to develop an action plan and timing for fixing the many problems at this facility.

Control of Rats & Pigeons – Rossana described the situation at the commercial garbage yard opposite 425 Main St. In a word, the area is a mess which is attracting many rats. Rossana is preparing a report describing the problem, suggesting procedures to solve the problem and citing NYC Health Dept. regulations covering storage and disposal of commercial garbage. The report will be presented to RIOC and the commercial businesses in Southtown who are responsible for proper handling of their garbage.

Dog Urination Problem at Roosevelt Landings Main St. Section. – Roosevelt Landings has begun weekly washing of the sidewalks under the Main St. canopy. We’ve requested that they post “Curb Your Dog”” signs at strategic locations along Main St.

There was nothing new to report on 3 other active issues – Condition of Sidewalks & Paths, Re‐establish Boy Scouts on RI, and Management of the Garden Club.
Mr. Hamberger updated the RIRA CC on the clean up of the Commercial Garbage area reporting that:
... some of the rats were invading 425...
Riverwalk building, but that the condition has now been mostly corrected by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC).

RIRA CC member Joyce Short commented on the dog urination portion of the report said that "curbing" your dog was not appropriate on Roosevelt Island because if you curb you dog on Main Street, the dog will be hit by a car. Ms. Short suggested dog owners bring their dogs behind Roosevelt Landings "to do their business" before walking on Main Street.

Here's the discussion.