Monday, September 21, 2015

Roosevelt Island Helix Ramp Bike Ban And Safety On Agenda For RIRA Public Safety Committee Meeting Tonight - You're Invited

Large Group Of Bike Riders On West Promenade 9/20

The Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Public Safety Committee (PSC) invites:
... all bikers or interested parties. We will be discussing Bike safety, the Helix, and the resolution on prohibiting bikes on the helix.
The PSC meeting takes place 7 PM tonight, September 21, at the Westview Community Room (625 Main Street).

Bike Riders Coming Down Helix Ramp 9/20

As previously reported, on August 11 the RIRA PSC passed a resolution banning bicycles for safety reasons from using the Roosevelt Island Bridge Helix ramp to and from Main Street. The PSC helix bike banning resolution was to be voted on by the full RIRA Common Council during its September meeting.

On Wednesday, September 9, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Operations Advisory Committee rejected banning bicycles from the Roosevelt Island Bridge Helix. Instead RIOC will seek to improve safety with better signage, road striping and education as well as examining if the broken Motorgate Atrium escalator can be fixed so bicycle riders can use it instead of the helix ramp.

Following RIOC's rejection of banning bicycles on the Roosevelt Island Bridge Helix Ramp:
...The RIRA Common Council did not vote on the helix bike ban resolution but sent it back to the Public Safety Committee for further review....
Here's the September 9 RIRA Common Council discussion on helix bike banning resolution which was tabled.

So, the RIRA Public Safety Committee will be discussing helix bike safety issues again tonight. If you are interested in the subject, please attend tonight's meeting.

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