Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Roosevelt Island Rivercross Co-op Asks Residents For Proper Attire And Better Behavior In Lobby And Common Areas - No Bare Feet, Food, Drink, Moving Tables And Shorter Meetings

A Roosevelt Island Rivercross Co-op tipster shares this memo from the building's Board of Directors/management about proper resident behavior in the entrance lobby


public areas.

According to the Rivercross Board and Management:
While we all enjoy the comfortable atmosphere throughout Rivercross, we must remind you that the entrance lobby and common areas are public spaces for use by all residents or visitors for brief meetings, visiting or as a waiting area. Therefore, please observe the following:
  • No feet on the furniture or tables,
  • No sitting on tables
  • No sorting of mail on tables
  • Food or drink are not to be consumed in the lobby or placed on tables and furniture
  • Furniture and tables may not be moved
  • Meetings should be of short duration
  • Proper attire is required while walking through the lobby or other common areas and by all means no bare feet
We appreciate everyone's cooperation and consideration for all shareholders and visitors in the reasonable and proper use of our common areas and lobby