Friday, November 4, 2016

Roosevelt Island Dogs Show Off Their Halloween Costumes At October 30 Wildlife Freedom Foundation Show

Roosevelt Island resident and Wildlife Freedom Foundation President Rossana Ceruzzi shares these photos and reports on the October 30 Roosevelt Island Halloween Costume Dog Show Contest.

 According to Ms. Ceruzzi:

Wildlife Freedom Foundation: Binding our Community together.​​​

The show was fantastic with a great turnout and success!

On behalf of myself and the entire WFF team I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees, (two and four legged)

the volunteers, the Daisies, the Girl Scouts of RI, and all the sponsors: RIRA, RIOC, MANHATTAN PARK, CAMP BOW-WOW, DUANE READE, FLOR, GRISTEDES, STARBUCKS, WHOLESOME MARKET who contributed to make this event so successful!

Thank you to all the FANTASTIC doggies who wore FANTASTIC and unique costumes.

They are the ones who ran the show!! Thank you and woof woof till next year. :) Please visit Wildlife Freedom Foundation Facebook Page to see more pics and video

of the event.
More information on the Wildlife Freedom Foundation available at their web site.