Thursday, March 8, 2018

Roosevelt (Blackwell's) Island History In 30 Second Video - Isolation Made It Ideal For NYC's Less Desirables, Later Affordable Haven For Middle Class - Now?

One World Explorer video sums up Roosevelt Island history in this 30 second video.

More Roosevelt (Blackwell's) Island history from the Bowery Boys.

Roosevelt Island captured here back in 1930. In 1637, Dutch Governor Wouter van Twiller purchased the island, then known as Hog Island, from the Canarsie Indians. After the English defeated the Dutch in 1666, Captain John Manning seized the island, which became known as Manning's Island, and twenty years later, Manning's son-in-law, Robert Blackwell, became the island's new owner and namesake. In 1796, Blackwell's great-grandson Jacob Blackwell constructed the Blackwell House, which is the island's oldest landmark,New York City's sixth oldest house, and one of the city's few remaining examples of 18th-century architecture. In 1921 Blackwell's Island was renamed Welfare Island after the City Hospital on the island. In 1971 Welfare Island was renamed Roosevelt Island in honor of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Through the 19th century, the island housed several hospitals and a prison. In 1828, the City of New York purchased the island for $32,000 (equivalent to $713,115 in 2017), and four years later, the city erected a penitentiary on the island; the Penitentiary Hospital was built to serve the needs of the prison inmates. By 1839, the New York City Lunatic Asylum opened, including the Octagon Tower, which still stands today but as a residential building; it was renovated and reopened in April 2006. - - #newyork #newyorker #newyork_ig #newyorkers #newyorkart #newyorkcity #newyorknewyork #newyorklife #newyorktrip #newyorkgirl #newyorkstrip #thisisnewyorkcity #newyorkstyle #newyorktimes #newyorkcolor #newyorkpost #blackandwhite #newyorkphoto #newyorkgram #newyorkskyline #newyork_instagram #nyc #loves_nyc #icapture_nyc #newyorker #what_i_saw_in_nyc #nycprimeshot #ig_nycity #backintheday #history @newyorkdecanted @history @oldvintagenewyork
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