Saturday, November 20, 2010

Roosevelt Island On The Web Links

Roosevelt Island on the Web Links as appearing in the November 20, 2010 Main Street WIRE.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Roosevelt Island Youth Program Soccer Playoffs & Championships - Season's Over - Great Job By All Involved, Players, Coaches, Parents and Youth Program - Basketball's Next!


The Roosevelt Island Youth Program Soccer season is now over after completing their playoff and Championship rounds the past two Saturdays. I attended portions of games on both weekends and was greatly impressed with the quality of play exhibited by all the teams from the very young kids


to the older kids and teens


as well as the good sportsmanship displayed


and the participation of adult coaches and spectators.

Here's the final soccer recap of the season from the Roosevelt Island Youth Program Inc.
Super Championship Saturday

November 13th, 2010

The Season has come to a close on an outstanding day with picture perfect weather. We could not have asked for a better day to play soccer, we were blessed with a great field and we had great weather all season long which helped make this season one of our best. Most importantly, we had a great group of coaches who volunteered their time to make our program a great success. The Roosevelt Island Youth Program Executive Director Charles DeFino, RIYP’s Board of Directors, James “Jimmie” Herlihy (our Soccer Coordinator) and the parents of the 265 youth who played want to thank everyone for your hard work and time.

Congratulations to our Champions!!!!!! 

Minors - Royal Blue beat Light Blue.  A hard fought game which ended in a shootout with Royal coming out on top. Both teams had rookie coaches who did a great job. The Consolation game between Grey/Red was won in the second over time by Grey so we had a shoot out and a double overtime win - not bad at all.

We hope all our new coaches got bitten by the bug and will come back next year. Your enthusiasm and hard work showed yesterday and  all season in the way your teams played.

Juniors - Royal Team beat Red in an awesome match won in double overtime. This match had it all including bouncing goals, headers and some dead on shots. A truly classic moment was when after a hard fought game the Enama twins embraced each other, a sign that these kids get what the league is trying to teach and this type of sportsmanship was shown throughout the day even at the awards ceremony when sportsmanship and most valuable awards were given out. The Consolation game with Grey winning over Light Blue was also a tight match with some very good passing and scoring. Grey got the win after going the entire season without a victory -  great coaching job keeping these kids spirits up all season.

Both the Minors and Junior Divisions coaches did an outstanding job, the foundation laid by these coaches will only enhance the level of play in the future.

Senior Division - Light Blue Tsunami produced an undefeated season with 4 ties.  They played great soccer and were a pleasure to watch beat an always improving Grey team. Crisp passes, new plays every week and a team that definitely took on the personalities of their coaches. The Consolation Game was also a great game to watch the teams playing their hearts out! The Royal team won in the second shootout 1-0.

This was a great season. The coaches worked hard, the staff of the Roosevelt Island Youth Program and our Soccer coordinator James Herlihy were up to the task and we ended the season by giving out 325 trophies, 460 hot dogs, 2000 chicken nuggets and over 600 drinks to players and their families

Basketball Next

Here are some more images from the Roosevelt Island Youth Program playoffs and championships.